CF Fabrication is a fully vertically integrated composites manufacturing facility. Our team has over 20 years of experience in composites manufacturing and engineering. From tooling to finish we’ve created products including vehicle chassis and bodies, drone airframes, medical devices, mascots, underwater robots, laser arches and hyperloop pods. We are your carbon fiber experts!


Common Fibers started with an innovative idea: a continuous carbon fiber hinge. We knew the applications for such a simple yet foundational technology would go beyond even what we could dream up, so we created a wallet to showcase our idea to the world. We still offer carbon fiber wallets designed with our patented CF-lex hinge technology and manufactured in the same Seattle, WA facility where we build drones and record-setting hypercars.  Life is Carbon Based.


Automotive group buys are typically organized by individuals across a variety of social platforms – they can be messy and time intensive, with a high rate of failure. As a trusted industry leader in automotive carbon fiber manufacturing, Common Fibers created Group Buy to streamline this process while providing top-tier customer service and world class parts. Making custom carbon fiber possible.


CF Fabrication saw the potential for using precision additive manufacturing on the shop floor, but we needed a platform that could withstand the rigors of industrial level printing. Our engineering team wasn’t happy with the solutions currently on the market, so in classic CF style we designed and built our own. Industrial grade carbon fiber build plates, now available to the 3D Printing Community.